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Deop, Vol. 5 (Winter 2014 Edition)

Deop, Vol. 5 (Winter 2014 Edition)

Label: Deep

Release date: 2013-12-23

Catalog number: DEEP0063

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Sweet Light (Original Mix)
Arturo Silvestre (Italy)
Fat Star (Original Mix)
About Me (Original Mix)
DJ Cocodil
Run to You (Original Mix)
Gabriel Mark
Black Lights (Original Mix)
Javier De Baraja
Deependz (Original Mix)
I Will Find You (Original Mix)
The Plutonic's

Well we are once again back with another edition of our biannual, seasonal sampler Deop. Not much more can be said about this project which is one widely received each and every time we set on compiling a volume. It is the labels project which has helped catapult few of this label’s producers onto the Deep House map and has received appraise as well as delivered some of the seasons most revered originals like the most noticeable Our Sun by Dexter Ford.